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KeyKey 2.7.5: new languages and futures

In this version we’ve added lessons in Greek and Turkish languages, improved on the Spanish ones and refined the heatmap.

Turkish and Greek lessons

There are two keyboard layouts in Turkish: «Turkish Q» and «Turkish F». In Greek it’s the classic «Greek» one. If you’d like to see some other keyboards for these languages — feel free to contact us.


No more English words in Spanish lessons

Some English words slipped into the Spanish lessons by mistake. We’ve manually revised all the original texts to prevent this from happening again.

«Typewriter» layout added to the lessons in Russian

While in «ЙЦУКЕН PC» and «ЙЦУКЕН Mac» you need to press «Shift + number» to type symbols, in «Typewriter» layout it’s the exact opposite. That is, the numbers row is inverted. Also, in this layout, letter «ё» is in the bottom row, next to the Shift key.

In «Typewriter» the numbers row is inverted: symbols are on the top layer, numbers — on the buttom layer (with Shift)

Typos highlighted in the text line, including the erased ones

Now the erased mistakes can be seen while typing not only on the heatmap but also in the text line itself.

The update is now available in Mac App Store and Setapp.

Hope you enjoy KeyKey. If so, write about it in App Store!